Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No more illness...bring on the cupcakes!!

Twenty one days of illness... three-year old Lucy came down with the dreaded fever and canker-sore-in-the-throat virus. But after a week of being home and every little wish catered to, I am proud to say that Lucy headed back to school today! Finally get a little freedom, only to realize that school is out for summer in just 5 days!

Kept Hank out of school this morning (Friday) and headed up to the "We Bake for Hank" fundraiser. Jeff and my sister, Barbara went along. What an amazing spread! These are some talented women who put a lot of time into their beautiful baked confections! We didn't tell anyone that we would be stopping by and the genuine surprise and pleasure these ladies had for Hank's visit was wonderful. I felt like I was with a rock star as the whispers of "It's Hank!", spread through the office and one by one a woman would appear with a huge smile and a warm handshake. I KNOW that Hank felt extremely special! And Jeff, Barbara and I felt extremely grateful. I am awestruck that this group of women, who don't even know us, took the time to do something like this... all because Hank's story touched them. I can't thank the women from Lisi Inc. enough!

Yesterday was the 6th year anniversary of my Dad's passing. Can't believe it's been that long. Hank was just shy of his 2nd birthday at the time, and Lucy and Charlie weren't even a thought yet. We had mom over to commemorate the day and had our annual "Balloons for Papa" celebration. We each chose a different color of balloon and wrote a note to Dad on it. Lucy and Charlie signed their own names and told me what to write. Hank, of course wrote his own. We headed out to the backyard where we shared our notes and one by one let go of our balloon and watches its ascent to the heavens. As their balloons would disappear from sight, the kids would yell, "Papa has my balloon!" That really choked me up. I love their ability to find excitement and joy in just about anything.

Looking at the calendar...we leave for New York in less than a month! Where has the time gone??? Grateful that the time for surgery is growing closer and at the same time, wishing it wasn't! I want Hank to get the help he needs and am anxious to get through it, but wish he didn't have to go through it. Poor little guy... so excited about his next trip to NY and his surgery...but what does a 7 year old really understand about surgery.

It's now time to focus all our energy on the big June 13th fundraiser. Patty and Mike, along with Mike's brothers and wives, own a winery, here in town. They are hosting an event for Hank, in an effort to get him to NY and help with the medical bills. So grateful for all that everyone is doing...but soooo wish we could just do it by ourselves! Definitely teaching me humility. I am trying to subscribe to "Let go...let God". Pretty difficult for a bit of a control freak who thinks she can do everything by herself!

Our life paths have taken on a new direction. Thought I had it all planned out. Leave my career, relocate to Elk Grove, raise the kids, have some fun, make some money, be with family...etc. There was NO room for Parry Romberg's on this list! Not in the plan. Helloooo? Does anyone else see that listed? Did I miss something? NOT in the plan!! HOW did this get in the plan?

And so again, I am reminded that although we can make choices and we have free will...our plan is not entirely OUR plan.


  1. Thank you for bringing in Hank. He is totally our little rockstar. In my prayers, Kristie

  2. Yes, thank you! I sure hope he enjoyed the treats he chose. Thanks for coming in. We were really thrilled to have you guys there!