Volunteer Recognition


We would be nowhere, without our friends and family who volunteer to help us in our fundraising efforts! These are the people who roll up their sleeves and work alongside us as we work hard to raise awareness and funds for Hank.

Thank you to our Elk Grove Volunteers:
Patty Wackman, Barbara Arthur, Barbara Wackman, Mike Wackman, Chuck Arthur, Susan Hopkins, Stephen Hopkins, Cathy Robertson, Kerstin Benton, Lana Shearer, Anne Fiksdal,
Patty A. Wackman, Carolina Fernandez, Cerissa Santos, Deborah Larson, Kristi Peck, Phyllis Enos, Mike Enos, Debbie Focht and Phil Focht, Jennifer Maxson, Patti Rovegno, Mandy Dunn and Bob Schroeder.

And To our San Luis Obispo Volunteers:
Nancy Villa, Dave Auten, Stacey Schalde, Diane Auten, Paul Villa, Scott Schalde, Gwynne Moore, Roger Moore, Todd LeMay, Dee LeMay, Scott Pierce, Dennis England-Dietz, Sid Stark, Dana Amador, MaryBeth Ahern-Johnson, Rhoda DeLeon, Eileen Dickey, Matt Dickey, Dale Gibbs, Megan Paulson, Dave Hansen, John Villa, Donna Martin, and Keith Trivelpiece.

Thank you to McConnell Estates Winery and all the Wackman Families! McConnell Estates is a premier winery in Elk Grove, CA and the site of many Helping Hands for Hank Fundraisers!

Special Thank You!

Thank you to Patty and Larry Richard who  hosted us in their beautiful home in Connecticut, not just once or twice, but after every surgery! With their love and support, Hank healed quickly and had the chance to forget about the surgery and just be a kid. Thank you also to the Richard offspring, Kyle, Amie and Sean, who made Hank feel like one of the family and made things "normal" for him, when he didn't feel so normal!
We can't thank you enough! And miss you tons!

**Thank you to Dr. Siebert and his staff, who have treated us with the best care and kindness! It's scary to have your child go through surgery, but Dr. Siebert's skill and confidence eased our worries and the results have been amazing! We are so fortunate to not only have you as Hank's surgeon, but to consider you a close friend! You are one of our favorite people in the world! You are the real deal! You are one of the good guys!


  1. I cannot believe you are so close! Our son Nate (15,) also suffers from Parry Romberg--we are in Santa Barbara County.

  2. Wow Kathy! Would love to connect with you in person!

  3. I am from Malaysia...i also was diagnosed with parry romberg syndrome.i like to read all the entry in this blog.thank you for sharing