Hank's Surgeries

On July 2, 2009, Hank underwent a microvascular free-flap tissue transfer surgery. His surgery was performed at Langdon NYU Medical Center, by Dr. John W. Siebert. 

Dr. Siebert also has a practice in Madison, Wisconsin and now performs this surgery at University of Wisconsin's Children's Hospital as well as other Medical institutions in Madison. We learned about Dr. Siebert through the "PRS Resource" website, which you can find under our "links". Dr. Siebert has performed many of these surgeries for both kids and adults, with great success. 

We can only speak from our own experience, but Dr. Siebert was the only one who gave us a ray of hope after Hank's diagnosis. We are so pleased with the results thus far and feel blessed to know such a great doctor and good man! 

Hank has had two follow-up revisions surgeries on Dec. 2, 2009 and again on July 20, 2010. It has been two  years since Hank's last surgery and he is doing great! No neurological issues, he is growing at a normal rate and his dentist says his teeth are normal and his roots look good!

Hank is scheduled for another revision surgery on October 3, 2012. He will be having an eye lift and a tissue redistribution.  Not sure what else will be done...we'll find out when we get to Madison!

If you are looking into this surgery for yourself or someone you know, I am happy to talk with you. Please email me at tagibber1@aol.com. It is our wish to support others who find themselves in our shoes! 


Read Dr. Siebert's article here: http://prsresource.com/siebert_restorative_romberg.html

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