Saturday, March 28, 2009

New York Bound

As departure time grew closer, my excitement and apprehension grew. This was it! We were finally going to meet Dr. Siebert. I hoped he was all I thought him to be. Because really...ALL my eggs were in this one basket! I didn't have a Plan B...Dr. Siebert and naturopathic medicine. That was my plan. But I knew...So many people were praying for us... we had found Dr. Siebert for a reason... I had done my research... I knew this was going to work...!

With everything in place, we bought a few books about New York, studied maps, confirmed our appointment, made sight-seeing plans, wrote our list of questions for the doctor, packed Hank's supplements and his medical-info binder. We packed up our little one's things for their stay at Aunt Barbara's and everyone was ready to go.

The day before we left was Sunday. We went to church and I ran into a few ladies who knew us and knew something was going on with Hank. (yes, they had seen me crying at the healing mass...) I filled them in on what was happening and our trip to New York, and amidst the tears were lots of hugs and promises of prayers. As we left the church we asked the priest to bless us and our journey, which he did, and we headed for the car with light hearts and lots of hope.

And so Monday morning came and with the car loaded, we dropped the little ones off at school, into the waiting arms of their teachers who promised to love them even more than usual.

As we boarded the plane, heading for our connecting flight in Los Angeles, I said a quick prayer, asking for a safe flight. Hank had the window seat and was thrilled. This 7 1/2 year old was going on an adventure. And little did he know that this might just be the trip that could change his life!

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