Friday, May 1, 2009

It's All So Real

It's been a busy week of fundraising plans. The trust account for Hank is finally ready! Now people who want to help but can't make it to a fundraiser can donate to Hank's account: The Helping Hands for Hank Trust. Very relieved...this will help those who are heading up Hank's fundraising campaigns move forward!

In just two months, Hank will have his surgery. He is asking questions...I think that's good. He wanted to know if he would be surrounded by "those guys dressed in green wearing those mask things". I let him know that those are doctors and nurses and they would be in the operating room, but he wouldn't see them because he will be asleep. He asked, "what if I open my eyes?" And again, I had to explain that he wouldn't be able to open his eyes because he would be asleep. I told him there is doctor in the room who's soul job is to make sure Hank will sleep. I'm not sure he's convinced!

It's also been an emotional week...and maybe it's just because the stress of all that lies ahead. Opening up the bank account is wonderful and will help so much, and yet I found myself with tears streaming down my face as the woman explained the account to me. Each little bit we do makes it all so real. Hank's illness is real...his surgery is real...Hank having to go through recovery is real...and leaving our sweet little ones behind is real.

I know it's what we need to do. I know it's the right thing to do. And I am excited that we found a wonderful doctor who can perform this surgery. But I am dreading that day...the day Hank is wheeled into surgery and those big doors close, shutting me out and taking my sweet boy away from me. Alone, without his mom and dad. And then the waiting...waiting to hear how it's going, is Hank OK, is it going to be much longer...?

So that is the near future, but it is not today...and so we focus back on the present. Fundraising, educating the community about Parry Romberg Syndrome and preparing for our trip.

Tomorrow Hank will have his First Holy Communion. Rehearsal was tonight and Hank looked like an angel, standing at the podium and welcoming everyone. His voice was loud and mumbling for him! I was so proud watching him and am so excited for tomorrow.

Hank will be wearing a suit for his big day. He loved the suit jacket when he tried it on and asked if we could get it. He seemed so pleased to be wearing a suit and looking like a grown up. I thought that he wanted to get dressed up for his special wasn't quite what Hank was thinking...I found him wearing the suit and shooting pretend guns as he hid behind a door. He was being a secret agent. Oh...that's why he wanted it! Figures!

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  1. Hank's illness is real...his surgery is real...Hank having to go through recovery is real...and leaving our sweet little ones behind is real. Owe this brought tears to my eyes - most the time I don't feel like we are on a 'real' journey - it seems surreal! So I know what you mean. Hang in there. :) Hugs Terry