Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Night Before Surgery #4...

It's the night before surgery and we are here in Madison, Wisconsin. The flights were uneventful...all three kids were kept busy with games, TV and books...and although I wish I could have slept on the planes, I met a very nice and  interesting woman named Bridget, who gave me insight into starting our own non-profit! Some things are just meant to be...!

Photo from the Ronald McDonald House in Madison, WI. 
We were quite happy upon our arrival in Madison to see the Ronald McDonald House shuttle in front of the airport waiting for us! We weren't sure if they would have room for us there and were so thankful to see that van! It was very easy to see the van...there were no cars or taxi's lined up to take the multitudes into town...no...this is not New York! What a big change for us!

We feel very fortunate to be at the Ronald McDonald House. Eighteen bedrooms and they are all full...we were lucky to get in!  This place is amazing!  A game room with an X-Box, a Play Station and a Wii...A movie room, a TV room, a toddler toy room, an art room, plus a  huge kitchen and nice sized dining area. You would think with all the people here, that we would be under each other's feet...but so far that hasn't happened. Maybe because there is a big group of Amish people here...they don't watch TV or play video games...so no competition for space there...

We took a tour of the hospital today. The American Family Children's Hospital is beautiful! Brand new and top of the line. The lobby looks like a little town...complete with a movie theater and lighthouse..which is really a play room.  We made our way to the 3rd floor, where Hank will be having surgery. Tina, from Childlife Services met with us and showed us around. We saw the check-in rooms, where Hank will be while waiting for surgery. She showed the kids photos of the operating rooms since obviously we can't go in them...and the waiting area for families. Since it is so geared for children, there is a supervised place that Lucy and Charlie can be, if Jeff and I both want to be there in recovery. (no siblings allowed) We can all be with Hank prior to surgery, which is different from our past experiences...which I think will be good for Hank...keep his mind off things.

We also saw where the recovery room, ICU and regular rooms are. Tina told us all about what happens after surgery. She said, "after you come out of the recovery room, we will bring you down here and check you into your room."  "MY ROOM?" Hank asked, startled and with tears in his eyes, "What room?" Hoo boy...I looked at Tina, "Oh...we failed to tell Hank that he would be staying overnight..." His last two surgeries were outpatient, so this was news to him!  "Oh..you will love it!" Tina exclaimed, "We bring you video games and movies and you can order food off a menu! You will want to stay!" Hank was hugging me, with his face buried in my side...he looked up, "Video games?"...a smile started to appear, "Movies?"...it was a grin..."OK...maybe I could stay..."  We went and looked at an empty room...nice and cheery with a couch for mom or dad to spend the night. (hope it's me...I want to get a look at that menu!)

After seeing the kids playroom, we headed out to get some lunch and then to the Ronald McDonald House for some playtime. Charlie and Hank entertained themselves with video games while Lucy played on the play structure outside. There is just so much to do here...way better than home!  Jeff was able to get some work done and so was I. Very nice!

Tomorrow's surgery  is at 1:00 pm central time. We fed Hank again at 11:00 pm, since he isn't allowed to have food after midnight...it will make for a long day tomorrow...poor kid!  The surgery is supposed to be about two and a half hours. We are not yet sure exactly what will be done during surgery, since we have not seen Dr. Siebert yet! I don't think he really knows until he physically sees someone. We let the kids stay up late, in hopes that they will sleep in and Hank won't have to go that long without food...we'll see if this plan works...
I will write more tomorrow...prayers appreciated!


  1. Beautiful post. Following you every step of the way from California. Hugs, kisses & prayers. Love, Gina

  2. We also got to the American Family Children's Hospital with my daughter and stayed at the RMH when she was in the NICU at Meriter.

    I'm definitely a new follower!

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  4. don't worry! All will be fine! It's for your betterment. Be blessed